Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maggie G In Tokyo, Japan - 29 May 2009

Heads up everyone! Hiro Suzuki (Japan) is hosting his annual Tokyo Crazy Country Dance Festival and this year he has invited MAGGIE GALLAGHER to be the guest instructor. Visit the link at http://www.country-dance.com/English/e-cft/e-11TCCDF/e-11TCCDF-Home.html for more info.

If you're just a hop-skip-jump away from Tokyo, I suggest you hop-skip-jump over there in May to be a part of this annual event which is always fun. I know, because I was there last year =D

And for Malaysians, Hiro is hoping some of you will attend his event. So if you're planning a trip to Japan this year, why not make it in May.

Hiro can be contacted at hiro@suzuki.or.jp or +81-3-3754-9173 (tel).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dazzling Latino LD Party - 18 Apr 09

Several months ago, I was asked to teach a beginners class and these ladies took to linedance like duck to water. They were eager and enthusiastic and even got together for practice each week to run through what they'd learnt.

Because of their enthusiasm, I thought it a good idea to take them out to experience a line dance party. And the recent one, DAZZLING LATINO, by the FunStompers was the party we decided to attended. Each week before the party date we'd learn one new dance on the party dance list and the ladies gamely absorbed what was taught.

From left: Elaine, Jean, Gillian, Anura, Chris & Manjit (Simon is behind the camera)

On the evening of the party itself, when the dancing began, my beginners went to the floor.....and they made me so proud. They were smiling and enjoying themselves, and they danced, so well, the dances they learnt. Well done ladies! (and Simon too! =D)

Chris, Gillian and Jean in action on the dance floor

Everyone having loads of fun!

The party was a success, and my compliments to the FunStompers for their great organisation of the event. The hall was filled with dancers and every dance was a floor filler. Food was good and some of us at our table had seconds and even thirds! lol

Outside the hall, a supplier was selling dance sneakers and latin dance shoes at reduced prices. Another table sold t-shirts, the proceeds of which would go towards helping a young lady, Yvonne Foong, go one step closer towards her surgery to remove a 5cm tumour in her brain. For more on her and how you can help, visit http://www.yvonnefoong.com/.

There's even a post by her about the party! =D Check out this link: http://www.yvonnefoong.com/2009/04/20/line-dancers-help-raise-funds-for-brain-surgery/

Although I don't do it enough (going to LD parties), but when I do I always enjoy meeting up with friends again. It's also especially great when these friends aren't just from PJ and KL but from out of town. Judy Teh (Johor) was present and it was a pleasure to meet her again since Jubilation 2008.

Meeting up with friends from Klang.

With my two good buddies Sze (left) and Bronya (right), both of whom I don't meet enough because of our busy schedules.

Most of the dancers were dressed to the nines, and to theme which was DAZZLING LATINO. The ladies looked oh, so pretty, and the men smart and handsome.

I will surely look forward to the FunStompers' next event in August this year. If you do not know what event I'm referring to, check out this earlier post of mine: http://linedanz.blogspot.com/2009/03/cato-larsen-in-town-15-august-2009.html.

The emcee, Margaret Lee. No, she's not about to break into a chinese song and dance...lol. Margaret is informing the crowd of FS' August event, and the theme: MAD HATTERS. Hence, the funny hats you see here and below on the 2 pretty ladies.

The event is going to be BIG! So if you haven't booked your place yet, call the organisers and do so. A FunStompers' event is always a sell-out and this is one not to be missed. See you there!

My Love Is True - Teach Video

Last Saturday, 18 April 2009, I was invited to share my dance MY LOVE IS TRUE (MLIT) at the FunStompers Dazzling Latino line dance party. A video of my teach was recorded and the edited versions are posted here for the benefit of those wishing to view a teach of MLIT. One set back though, the last 8 counts of the teach was not recorded. You will however see the last 8 counts in the walk-through.

Also please excuse my 'metallic'-sounding voice. The conversion from original recording to the video-edit below by Windows Movie Maker had somehow 'altered' it.

The first video is quite lengthy (close to 5 minutes) and is broken down into several sections, showing the various parts of the dance being taught.

The other video shows a walk-through and is approximately 1.5 minutes in length.

My Love Is True (teach)

My Love Is True (walk-through)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

BLUE TRAIN - Linedancer Magazine May 2009 Issue

Hi All

Just saw that my Beginner dance BLUE TRAIN has been included in the May 2009 issue of LDM under 'This Month's Dances' section.

Here's a screen image of Linedancer Magazine's webpage for it's May issue (click on image for larger view):

And here's the stepsheet as it appears in the magazine:

Note of thanks to LDM for their kind permission to reproduce the stepsheet in this blog.