Saturday, February 26, 2011


Completed a Joget choreography to this song. I just love the Joget rhythm. Some part of me will be moving even if I don't feel like getting onto the dance floor. :D

I'm hoping to post the dance video after recording it tomorrow with a few of my students. Hopefully not too much editing is required. Meanwhile, I've posted the song here for anyone who would like to have a listen. A rough translation of the lyrics from Bahasa Malaysia to English is available below (after the video).


Young one, don't be consumed by the praises of others
Beware that pride comes before a fall
No matter what others may say
We must measure our clothes on our own body
We must measure our clothes on our own body
(meaning: know ourselves, our strengths and limitations)

It could be that my smile is not as charming
My body not as shapely
But let others say what they wish
Our lot is determined by and a gift from the Almighty
Our lot is determined by and a gift from the Almighty

Let them laugh (at me)
As long as they are happy
My heart will be light too
To see others happy (because of me)

I'm not asking for sympathy
Do not want any pity
My heart is light this way
I leave it to the Almighty


I leave it to the Almighty
I leave it to the Almighty

Come on, let's do the Joget
the Happy Heart Joget
Forget the conflict in your soul
Accept my hand
Come with me and together
Build our self-confidence
That our heart will be light and happy from now on


Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY 2011

Some snapshots from my line dance classes. Everyone looks so festive in their CNY colours and attire :)

Taken a week before CNY week when most of the students were still around.
Many travel back to their hometown during the CNY holidays.

My students at Japan Club dressed to theme. We had a simple gathering during
class today. Those celebrating CNY brought cookies and drinks from home
to share with everyone. It was lots of fun!

Aren't they just adorable :)