Friday, October 9, 2009

Games People Play - UPDATE

As with all my choreographies, I do it because I like the music, and was moved by it. If someone somewhere picks it up and teaches it, that's a bonus and gives me a great big warm fuzzy! But I would be less than honest if I said I didn't harbour the hope that my dances would be well-received.

I felt that fuzzy feeling last month when Rosie Multari wrote me to say that she'd be teaching GAMES PEOPLE PLAY at WOW Line Dance Spectacular 2009. My reaction was exactly that...WOW! I hadn't expected the dance to go that far from home. I was happy enough knowing that it's being danced to good reviews in certain parts of Malaysia and Singapore, but to be taught in US?....Woohoo!

Then yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised again when Annemaree told me it would be taught at WINDY CITY LINE DANCE MANIA this weekend (Sat, Oct 10), by Judy McDonald. I asked her how she got the news and the answer was Amy Christian-Sohn, a mutual friend, who herself would be attending the event. Amy later wrote me to say she thought I knew. Nope, I didn't, and that makes the news all the sweeter :D (warm fuzzy feeling again, lol).

Rosie & Judy, if you're reading this, THANK YOU! And also to Annemaree & Amy for being the bearers of this good news. :D

Part of the schedule for WOW Line Dance Spectacular 2009

Part of the schedule for WINDY CITY LINE DANCE MANIA 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

LUAU Line Dance Party

I'd just had my 6th annual line dance party yesterday, and I must say, we had a ball! The theme this year was - LUAU! and boy! did everyone come dressed to theme. Ladies came in their sarongs/pareos, hair bedecked with flowers, both real and plastic. The myriad of vibrant colours added to the atmosphere of the party.

Lunch started at 12 noon and everyone tucked into a scrumptious buffet prepared by Kampungku Restaurant, until 1:30pm. We then headed over to the dance hall just across the corridor, everyone ready to parrrrty!

Dancers quickly got into the groove on the dance floor as the DJ spinned music following the playlist set for the day.

Midway through the first cd, we had a performance by my Beginners & Intermediates, all members of Celebrity Fitness (1U). In total, they'd only had one full & proper practice session before the party as we could never get all the members together due to vacations, school holidays & the Raya holidays too. I know they were jittery (for many of them have never performed before an audience), but they held it together very well. I am very proud of them to say the least.

To make a long story shorter :), check out the photos below as well as the slide show to get a glimpse of the FUN we had.

Best Dressed Finalists:

Best Dressed!

Thank you everybody for making it a GRRREAT party!