Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 2013: My Latest Choreography

Here it is finally!  My latest dance!

I did the choreography and wrote the stepsheet towards the second half of July.  Tested it, and rewrote, and tested it again.  Had two versions going at one time, but finally still liked the original version better :D

Just shared the dance with the FunStompers yesterday at their weekly jamming session at Mont Kiara. Came back, added in the optional ending and voila!  the stepsheet is done!

Was having a bit of trouble translating the Chinese title into English.  Finally gave up on a direct translation and decided to use the name of the singer instead, as tribute to him and in his memory.  Here is the stepsheet.....  Hope you enjoy the dance. :D

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Anonymous said...

Danny's Love you sent it to me and yes I would love to have the music to teach it.